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2 Useful Tools to Carry Around

2 min read

The motto of the Boy Scouts of America is “Be prepared.” Scouts pride themselves on sticking to this mantra in everything they do, and the general public can find wisdom within those words as well. Here are two items that everyone should always carry with them to always be prepared.

1. A Knife

Knives are useful in an almost infinite number of scenarios. Whether you are in the woods, in your car, at home, or somewhere else, you will likely be able to find some use for your metal or plastic blades. Products often come in packaging that seems impossible to open, so using a knife can make opening almost any package easier. If you get caught in the woods, a knife can help you start a fire, get food, make other simple tools, and a myriad of other tasks that are vital to your survival, so knives are a good tool to keep on you at all times.

2. A Keychain

You likely already carry at least one key around with you, and that key is likely on a keychain. However, the usefulness of a keychain is not inherent. The tools you put on your keychain are what makes it useful. For example, besides keys, one of the most common things you will find on a keychain is a small flashlight, which can be useful for seeing your keys or anything else at night. There are dozens of pocket-sized tools that you can put on a keychain, so look for the items that will be most useful to you.

Being prepared is a good skill to have, no matter if you were ever a Boy Scout or not. If you are commonly out and about and find yourself needing various small tools, consider looking around to find the tools you need regularly.