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Benefits Offered by Adhesive Application Solutions

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In packaging industry, adhesives play important roles. Glues will be needed to connect the parts of the packages. Of course, it is not only about gluing application that will get attention, but the strength of adhesion and even efficient consumption of adhesive will be necessary because these will have impact on the cost consumption in using the adhesive. In this case, Robatech develops adhesive application solutions that will bring efficiency and effectiveness for the packaging industries. It will be great solution to improve productivity and quality that later will boost the business.

Modular Systems of Adhesive Application Solutions

The adhesive application from Robatech uses the modular system. In other words, there are modules, and each industry can choose the specific parts of the modules that will be used. By having the modular system, it will be more convenient to choose and arrange the whole adhesive technology. It will not be necessary to have all of the parts and it will be easier to customize depending on the needs of the industry. It will increase the effectiveness and efficiency in using the adhesive technology because specific module can be chosen. For example, the industry can choose specific heated hoses, adhesive melter, and other parts.

Easy Integration of Modules for Adhesive Application

In addition to its modular system, the adhesive application solutions provide easy integration. Each part can be connected and arranged easily. Then, it can be integrated to the whole industrial processes. Each part can be attached easily because of the open interfaces. There will not be any problem in dealing with many kinds of materials for the packaging industry because of the easy and fast integration. The modules and parts can be arranged depending on the needs of the industry. It will be able to apply the glue and adhesive on the paper, paperboard, cardboard, and other kinds of material. The gluing process can be controlled and operated easily with its open interface so it will be easy to adjust the gluing process in case it needs the type of dot, bead, and even other types of gluing process.