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How To Gain and Keep Loyal Customers

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Starting a new business is quite a challenge and requires a lot of resources to set up correctly. Startups require you to use your initiative with the help of research in figuring out how to make your business expand by successfully selling your product or service. To gain loyal customers and keep them, you need to understand the use of specific tools proven to be helpful for these purposes. These tools, if used intentionally and with dedication, can increase your consumer base. Here’s a list of tips on how to gain and keep loyal customers.

Show appreciation to customers.


Every business has a consumer base. After all, that’s the whole point of it, right? To cater to certain needs of certain people. But how do you ensure you have loyal customers over a long period? The short answer is personalization. It’s important to express gratitude to your customers, as it builds a strong relationship and leaves a lasting impression that you see them, and every person likes to be appreciated. You can give out business holiday cards during the holiday season, sending warm wishes of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. Do this not only for existing customers but for potential customers as well.

A holiday greeting card doesn’t have to be a physical one. You can send them to their email address, too. In fact, in today’s world of technology and paper-saving, it’s a perfect way. Another great way to keep your company in customers’ minds is to send a custom card with a personal message at a random time of the year with the company logo and an appreciation message from the business partners.

Have an active social media presence.

Every company, no matter how small, must have a social media presence. Social media for business use has proven to be one of the most valuable tools to grow a customer base. There are a vast majority of ways to utilize social media, and an effective way is to hire a social media content creator or content strategist.

Social media content strategy pretty much means social media marketing. It involves selling your business on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok using popular tools like Crello, Unsplash, Pinterest, Canva, Animoto, Adobe Spark, Placeit, and blog posts. Your content strategist would be in charge of the social media account. They’ll draw up a content calendar for any social media post with an engaging caption and hashtags and reach out to the influencer that best suits your brand.

The best content creator studies the algorithm of a social media platform, uses the analysis to determine where and how to improve, and posts accordingly. They know that visual content like video clips, gifs, and visual illustrations result in higher engagements and more business.

Be consistent with branding.


Whether your company is a product or service provider, branding is essential for growing a business. Branding not only improves the perception people have about your company but also makes your company more valuable and determines how your customers identify and experience your business. However, branding is more than your logo design or company mantra: It’s mainly your customer service techniques, the appearance of your staff, how you present yourself at a networking event, your business cards, and more.

Establishing a strong brand isn’t easy and takes time, research, and hard work and should be done during the early stages of business growth. You need to do a deep dive into the market to evaluate your competitors, so you know how to make your business stand out. Why should customers be attracted to your business, and how? How do they know your product or service is a good fit for their needs? Answering these questions through branding makes customers trust your business and remain loyal to it. It is indeed a useful tool for your company’s needs.