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How To Make Sure You Get a Fair Evaluation from For a Gold Dealer

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So, you have jewelry or gold coins that you want to sell because you need money. The first thing you want to do is work out the value of your gold. Then you need to shop for the best deal you can find. It can be a long and tedious process, but it is necessary. You can take specific steps to ensure that the process is more productive for you and for the safety of your gold.

Make sure you have the correct papers

If you have gold coins or gold bars for sale, don’t forget to bring all the papers that prove their quality and reliability. This way your evaluation will be more accurate. When gold dealers look at gold coins or ingots, they have to take some risk. Having certificates of authenticity puts everyone at ease. You will also get a better deal than you would get if you didn’t have the paperwork.

Evaluate your gold dealer

If you need professional help, don’t choose anyone just because they claim to be the best. Don’t be quick to sell your gold to anyone with a large sign that says, “we buy gold”. You need to examine the gold buyer in your area to see if the buyer has a good reputation, knowledge, experience and integrity in order. Find out how long they have been in business, ask for certificates and all the licenses they have, and ask for customer experience. Some gold dealers are very good at buying and selling gold coins, but they are not good at other gold products. Ask the person conducting the evaluation to explain the various steps in the process.

Put some effort, it will pay off

People often think that if they sell something that has sentimental value or history, they will get a better price for it. A gold dealer is only interested in the gold content unless they sell collectable items, and they have connections that will buy the item you have to sell. If you have an interesting piece with an interesting history there might be a collector willing to pay top dollar for it. When selling gold jewellery or bullion, there is very little room for negotiations. Know your gold so you know the best place to sell it.

You should look at your gold coins or jewelry before trying to sell them to a gold dealer. Check for things like scratches, chips or broken pieces. Can you clean the gold items a little? If so, take the time to clean the gold. If you can, repair the damaged jewelry. Gold dealers may say they buy old gold jewelry in any condition, but it doesn’t hurt to present the jewelry as if it were loved and cared for.

Protect you gold by wrapping it in bubble wrap if you are going to transport it. When you decide to sell your old via the internet, pack it nicely but also make sure that it is insured. Make sure the insurance is the same as the price of the jewelry. For added security, make sure you don’t say your package contains jewelry.