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Safety Bollard: An Expert’s Guide to the Different Types of Bollards

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A common person might know bollard as some sturdy structure that stops something or someone from entering a restricted area. But for a person who deals into it, or deals into anything that requires bollards, these bollards come in many kinds. In simple terms, bollards are short-lengthed (usually cylindrical) vertical structures that are used to guide traffic and crowd. If you have ever seen a vertical pole around half your body size around an entrance or a parking area, it is a bollard. They usually get made by companies dealing in guardrail system. But what all types do they come in?

Different types of safety bollards.

Bollards come in varieties for varieties of purposes. Here is a simplified list:

Permanent Bollards:

These are usually made from stronger material and are placed for a longer term. The typical use is to prevent ram-raiding. When placed before the store or building, it becomes tougher for the burglar to drive in the vehicle and crack an opening for the theft. At other times, these are placed to stop prohibited vehicles from entering an area while still allowing space for other types. People also make these bollards using concrete.

Retractable Bollards:

These are the structures that come out of the ground like meerkats and go back when the purpose is done. They are usually automated and require someone to have a pass or gain pass to cross the bollard. They are like a sturdy barrier that takes very less space as compared to a gate and are cost-effective. They also come in non-automated forms where a person manually retracts them to the ground using a key and pulls up again using the same key.

Removable or Surface-Mounted Bollards:

Unlike permanent ones, these allow flexibility. One can undo these when not in need. Surface-mounted bollards have an extended part at the bottom that works as an anchor and could be screwed down to any surface. If you need to restrict an area temporarily then you can go for this type of safety bollard. Where their anchors provide flexibility of removing them when needed, they also work as its weakness. These bollards, due to usually having anchorage at a small point, become vulnerable to breaking off on a heavier collision. This either requires repair or replacement. A good guardrail system company usually provides stronger material and preventive coating.

Flexible Bollard:

These are not to prevent any vehicle due to their flexible nature. Flexible bollards are usually made of plastic material and bend down when they come in contact with a person. They are often used in high-traffic areas where there is a chance of collision. At other times these flexible bollards are also used at parking areas to guide the vehicles and alongside preventing them from getting damaged. They work great as a visual guide too.

Decorative Bollards:

As the name suggests, these types of bollards work in two ways: they provide safety from vehicles; they come pleasing to the eyes and work as some embellishment. These types of bollards work great around statues, facades, or any structure that require safety and decoration alongside.