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Who got rich off bitcoin?

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Since its launch on January 3, 2009, Bitcoin has made many people millionaires and billionaires. Especially those who invested in Bitcoin in the early period earned a lot buy bitcoin with credit card. Thanks to Bitcoin, countless millionaires and even billionaires have appeared in many countries of the world. Here are those Bitcoin rich …

Today, we will tell you about 17 Bitcoin rich people who we wished we were jealous of if we had trusted in Bitcoin on time, took their hand early, and saw the light on a new idea.

Yifu Guo: A bitcoin-rich student in a different way.

Yifu Guo, a student at New York University, requires computing power to process and add Bitcoin transactions all over the world to the blockchain. Miners are performing this action. Miners reward Bitcoin when they complete the transaction. At this point, Guo developed a device to mine Bitcoin. Guo both earned Bitcoin with this device and sold the tool he developed to companies. Guo’s fortune is estimated at $ 15 million.


Gavin Andersen: One of the most influential names to make bitcoin!

Although Bitcoin’s developer was Satoshi Nakamoto, one of the most influential names in making this currency today is Andersen. Andersen is sometimes claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but he denied these allegations and said that they were a Nakamoto friend.

Kristoffer Koch:

He had a hard time remembering the password of the bitcoins he bought years ago, but eventually, he got rich.

A Norwegian student himself received $ 27, yes, only such a small investment and 5,000 BTC in the years that Bitcoin first entered the stock market. Remembering the investment he made in 2013, Koch made some effort to remember his password, but a pleasant surprise awaited him. The value of  5,000 Bitcoins he bought in 2009 increased thousands of times and reached the level of approximately 900 thousand dollars. Now, it is 32 million dollars.

Jered Kenna: He bought Bitcoin when it was only 20 cents per coin.

Kenna, a former US Navy officer, bought Bitcoin when it was only 20 cents per coin. A few years later, he invested heavily. Kenna’s Bitcoin earnings are estimated at $ 90 million. Kenna now runs a brewery in Colombia that accepts Bitcoin.

Tony Gallippi: One of the first names to establish a Bitcoin payment system.

Entrepreneur Tony Gallippi is one of the first to establish a Bitcoin payment system. Gallippi’s company BitPay is one of the most popular of its kind. Many people around the world use Gallippi’s company to store their Bitcoins and to process Bitcoin-related transactions. The company also cooperates with major retailers. More than 100 people work in Gallippi’s company.

Winklevoss Twins: Famous twins came to the fore after their legal battle with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, twin brothers, claimed that Zuckerberg stole their ideas while setting up Facebook, and earned millions of dollars in compensation from their lawsuit. The two brothers had invested a small portion of their earned compensation in Bitcoin. The two have now earned $ 33 million with Bitcoin.

The Winklevoss brothers, who have made many initiatives regarding Bitcoin, finally established a Bitcoin exchange named Gemini in 2015.

Charlie Shrem: He is currently the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Shrem bought large amounts of Bitcoin when it was pretty cheap. He founded BitInstant, a Bitcoin exchange, when he was only 22 years old. The company was extremely successful in its early days. However, Shrem was accused of money laundering in December 2014. Although Shrem stated that he did not use any money for illegal purposes, he went to jail.

Shrem, who was released from prison in 2016, continued his initiatives regarding Bitcoin. Shrem, the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, advises many companies.

Roger Ver: A bitcoin rich former politician

Roger Ver is a close friend of Shrem. Ver, who has a different personality, once lived in America. Ver, who currently lives in Japan, is one of the most important supporters of Bitcoin.

Ver started investing in Bitcoin in early 2011. His friend, Charlie Shrem’s company, invested in BitInstant. He has also invested in many companies such as Ripple,, Kraken. In 2011, Ver’s company Memorydealers became the first company to accept Bitcoin. Ver’s being an early proponent of Bitcoin made him nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus.” He has donated millions of dollars to charity so far. It is estimated that his earnings from Bitcoin are 156 million dollars.

Ross Ulbricht: the darkest man in the bitcoin market.

He is still in jail now, and his Bitcoin wallet is in the hands of the FBI. Bitcoin has an undeniable potential to change the world. However, there is a side of Bitcoin that we can define as ‘bad.’ Its anonymous nature makes it partially impossible to trace transactions. Many drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and various kinds of illegal activities were carried out in this way on the deep web. The first of these markets was Silk Road, founded by Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht became a Bitcoin millionaire at a time when Bitcoin did not reach $ 1000.

The FBI pursued Ulbricht in October 2013. Money laundering, drug dealing, etc. charged with crimes. The FBI then closed the Silk Road and seized more than 144,000 Bitcoin. Currently, it is estimated that those Bitcoins are held in the FBI. As a result, the largest Bitcoin wallet in the world belongs to the FBI.

Tim Draper: The FBI sells Ross’s bitcoins at an auction after a while, and this guy buys some of them.

This is what our brother bought Ross’ bitcoins just mentioned. The FBI is selling the bitcoins at auction after a while. Tim Draper also believes around 30,000 in the first bid and about 2,000 in the second bid. Then, of course, he becomes a bitcoin guru, but most television channels come out with a bitcoin patterned tie when we look back.

Mark Kerpeles: Founder and CEO of MT.GOX, the first and once largest bitcoin exchange based in Japan.

Mark Kerpeles, the founder and CEO of MT.GOX, the first and once largest bitcoin exchange based in Japan, got rich thanks to crypto money. The chance that Kerpeles, who claimed to have a fortune of around 500 million dollars, has been with him until that day has not been with him since his arrest by the Japanese police in 2015.

Vitalik Buterin: Founder of Ethereum

Vitalik is the founding creator and developer of Ethereum. They were also the founders of “Bitcoin Magazine.” Vitalik is a very successful genius, and we wish him success in becoming the only master of Ethereum, 2nd Satoshi Nakamoto, who is now worth $ 70 million.

Bobby Lee: Inventor of Litecoin

Bobby Lee is the founder and managing director of BTC China, China’s largest Bitcoin exchange. With his brother Charles Lee, he became the inventor of Litecoin, the best known alternative cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Ben Lawsky: He is known as the face of Bitcoin.

Ben Lawsky, known as the Bitcoin face of the New York Financial Services Department, leads the BitLicense regulations. Ben Lawsky, who continues his work in the Bitcoin industry, is among the Bitcoin rich.

Andreas Antonopoulos: Also known as “Bitcoin Teacher.”

He’s an expert who has devoted most of his time to telling and teaching Bitcoin. Antonopoulos, who aimed to teach people about Bitcoin with his book named “Mastering Bitcoin” and answered questions in the meetings he attended, has become one of Bitcoin’s rich people.

Mike Caldwell: The person who first converted bitcoins into physical money!

For the first time, he transformed bitcoins into money physically with “Casascius Coins”, which he minted from gold and silver. Mike Caldwell became one of the Bitcoin riches as a result of his work.

Satoshi Nakamoto: Here’s the creator of bitcoin.

It is not surprising that the person or people who developed Bitcoin took the top of the list of Bitcoin riches. The name Satoshi Nakamoto is the nickname of the developer or developers of Bitcoin. Many attempts were made to reveal who he was but without success. There was no evidence other than e-mail correspondence between him and other Bitcoin developers. You can also get rich by buy bitcoin with credit card instantly.

In late 2015, allegations were made that Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity was Craig Wright, but Wright remained silent on this issue. But he must have finally decided that this silence was no longer necessary, as Wright declared that he was indeed the creator of Bitcoin. While this is an important development for the Bitcoin world, it is no surprise that Wright is one of the richest in Bitcoin. Wright is known to be a dollar billionaire.