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Why does business class flight feel faster? Due to the luxury comfort and privacy

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When people get to fly business class for the first time, many of them report feeling like the time passed them by in a couple of seconds. The excellent seating options, the broad choice of food and drinks, and the ability to get a full night’s sleep and be completely immersed in a comfortable world of your own – business class flights make you experience first-rate comfort.

Whether it’s for a short or a long trip, the flying experience is what counts the most – some economy flights can feel endless, while other, longer, business class flights can pass you by in minutes. It is true – time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. Here are the main reasons why it seems to be that way:


Right off the bat, you’re made to feel welcome. Whether it’s a pleasant care package, a chilled glass of Champagne, or free Wi-Fi: there’s something for everyone to enjoy from the start. As a result, there is less of a need to adapt to an unfamiliar environment – as you’re either made to feel welcomed or can get back to what you were doing in minutes.

The more welcoming the environment, the less stressed you are – which tends to make time pass quicker.


If your seat is uncomfortable, then the entire ride will be burned into your memory like a bad dream. Even if it’s only for a couple of hours, you will notice yourself feeling constantly restless – which tends to take your mind off what you’re doing, and into the mode of trying to fix that. When constantly trying to find a comfortable position, it’s hard to find your inner peace and let time slip you by.

And if you’re trying to sleep on an economy seat? Eventually, you will be startled either by loud noises, your seating neighbor wanting to go to the hall or by getting brushed against by someone passing you by. Avoid all that hassle, especially in case you’re looking to sleep during your trip and book a business class flight. The experience will be so much better, as the seats are uniquely designed to keep you comfortable for an extended period. The complementary pillows and blankets are a handy bonus, making you feel fully at ease.



If you’re flying business class or first class, prepare to be wined and dined. With excellent food choices and an impeccable array of drinks to fit every taste, you’re bound to enjoy your experience thoroughly. The more you enjoy every second, the better your experience is – and the faster it seems to end.

Additionally, no request gets ignored by the polite, friendly, and pleasant staff. The treatment is uniquely different, comfortable, warm when compared to economy class. The excellent entertainment options are a bonus – tune in to your favorite media and you won’t even notice the time slipping past you!


Getting lost in your world has never been easier! With business class, you get your own space, free of any distractions or anybody else. If you put in headphones while watching your favorite show, you may even forget your thousands of feet up in the air! Feeling fully at home and forgetting you’re on a trip is the simplest way to hasten the process and end up where you need to be – faster.

More importantly, you have access to this type of fast traveling too! With excellent services from Skywithclass, you can find business flights to your destination without batting an eye. Have excellent deals come up, saving you money, and go on a flight that will feel like a breeze. It’s a unique opportunity you don’t want to pass up!