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Why You Should Switch to Reclaimed Cleaning Rags

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When you deal with heavy machinery all day, you need a cleaning solution that’s just as tough. Complex mechanical parts and harsh solvents can eat away at standard cleaning rags and force you to go through box after box of them. Heavy-duty rags, however, can be made of non-degradable materials that aren’t good for the planet. That’s why the best industrial solution is reclaimed janitorial cleaning rags.


Reclaimed cleaning rags can be made out of everything from old t-shirts and sweatshirts to terrycloth towel material. The stretch, weave, and thickness of those materials make them perfect for holding up to industrial cleaning jobs. No matter what machinery you’re working on, reclaimed cleaning rags can last longer and hold up under harsh conditions.


No matter what color the fabric is, you can guarantee reclaimed cleaning rags will be green! They help the environment by using recycled material and they’re long-lasting enough that you won’t go through as many, meaning using them is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Cleaning reclaimed janitorial cleaning rags in a washing machine gives them an even longer life and ensures you’re doing your part to help the planet.


Companies that make reclaimed cleaning cloths have to be flexible and creative, working with a recycled stock of clothes, towels and other fabric to create a useful product. If they don’t have exactly what you need on sale, you can be almost certain they’ll be willing to work with you to create it. Working with a creative, flexible business gives you more control over the final product and guarantees you’re ordering something that will work for you.

Using reclaimed janitorial rags is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while guaranteeing you’ve got what you need to clean even the toughest industrial mess. These flexible, eco-friendly rags can absorb oil and gas, navigate tight spots and clean machine messes in a variety of settings.